Frequently Asked Question

1. What is this Classic Membership?

A: The Classic Membership is a monthly subscription of $78 that gives you 3 class credits (2 for you and 1 for your loved one) and 7% off all courses/workshops and retail items.

*From 10 January 2020 onwards,

-subscribed members get 10% off courses/workshops and merchandise

-enjoy member's rate of $200 for 10 classes

-receive 3 class credits instead every month

-exclusive referral program for members only*

2. How long is the Membership term?

A: There is no fixed term - you can cancel your subscription anytime! Just drop us an email 30 days in advance.

3. What is the validity of my 10 sessions in this $150 launch promo?

A: Up to 4 months with an active membership subscription.


For $150, you get your 1st month's subscription + 8 class credits.

Monthly subscription $78:

2 class credits + 1 guest pass


You get a total of 10 classes + 1 guest pass for $150.

If your passes spill over to the next month, you'll pay your $78 subscription, get 2 more class passes and 1 guest pass added to your remaining credits. Until you decide to terminate your subscription.

The more classes you attend in a month, the lower your per class rate is!

Once you've used up your promo credits, you can choose from the following add-on options:

10 Credits: $320 (<$35.50/class if you attend classes once a week)

30 Credits: $800 (<$32.80/class if you attend classes once a week)

1 month unlimited: $222

6 months unlimited: $1152

12 months unlimited: $2124